Tips on How to Wear Blouses & Shirts

Woman who is wearing a blue satin blouse
Plain blouses, ruffled blouses, plaid blouses, purple and red blouses and even see through blouses. There are so many, we cannot even touch on all of them. Then, we have baseball shirts, sweat shirts, t-shirts, tank tops, stringed spaghetti strap shirts, long beach shirts and through all these waves of cover ups, there is something we know without any shred of doubt. We absolutely must wear them. In fact, we’ve probably been wearing blouses and shirts ever since most of us can remember.
The blouses and shirts have ever been with us, and ever been on us. It’s just part of our garb that we don’t think anything about, but look in your closet or drawer and we become immediately smitten and drawn to our favorite old faded shirt we sort of slum around the house with and some of us will wear this old shirt until it is in rags; because we just cannot handle the prospect of giving our old friend up for good. Even when we gain a little bit of weight, there are those of us who fold up our friend and put it away in storage until that faithful day comes when we’ve lost that poundage and we become united once again with our old comfortable hero.
Unfortunately, for most of us, our hero stays in storage or eventually gets passed on to someone else to enjoy. Amid all the tears we finally give up the ghost, and reach for a potato chip; which is what got us into this mess in the first place. Some of us, then go on a shopping trip to find something that will take the place of our late friend. If we are a people person, we go with our girlfriends and go from rack to rack picking up the various colored larger blouses and holding them against us to see how it would look on us, then, asking for their honest opinion. As you well know, they are more than glad to give it, whether it be good or bad. Keep smiling, we can be thankful for friends like that, can’t we.
Can you honestly be wearing a blouse that looks wrong on you? Can you be wearing the blouse wrong? Indeed, yes you certainly can and many do, thinking they look oh so sexy, but in reality; they look oh so sloppy and in truth, cheap. By now, you must admit this is a most interesting subject. And, how many women, really pay attention to how they are wearing their blouses these days?
Ashley Scott wearing a collarless shirt
Ashley Scott looks quite smart with her blonde hair bobbed short and wearing a black collarless blouse that shows off her lovely neck. Ashley isn’t showing too much skin, but covering enough to keep a certain amount of mystery from her onlookers. Her blonde color looks striking with her large hoop earrings and, next to her simple black blouse.
When you are a light blonde, chances are; you should be able to wear just about any color successfully, with the exception of yellows. Any color you decide to put under your face, should bring out the best in you. Your selection of earrings should also bring a sparkle in your eyes and go well with your hair, like Ashley’s hoops and short bob does.
And, the color you have on your hair should go well with the color of the blouse you put on. For example, there has been a trend for quite sometime now, to put pink blouses on redheads. They can get away with it, because it has been globally accepted for many years. In truth, there are better colors than pink that flatter a redhead, such as greens, blues, purples and beiges. White can also flatter a redhead when the style is right.
Cheryl Cole wearing a shiny blouse
Cheryl Cole is wearing the type of top that is distasteful and offers too much to be seen by others. When you are tempted to reveal all like Cheryl, you have to ask yourself, how do you want someone to remember you? How would someone describe you, if they couldn’t remember your name? “She was the lady with the pleasant personality?” I don’t think so. Just because you can buy tight blouses that reveal everything you have, doesn’t mean, you should do so and it doesn‘t mean that they look good either.
Dare to be different and be a trend setter, not a trend getter. I have heard so many tales of woe, of women telling me; when talking to a man, how they will not look at them in the eyes, instead, their eyes are fixed on the front of their blouses. This can be very annoying, but if you are wearing something that reveals everything you have, you cannot expect anything less. Ask yourself, what kind of attention you would like to have?
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