Finding the Right Bra for Your Life

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So you've been fitted or have figured out the right size bra by yourself. Now you're just left with deciding between the seemingly unlimited number of sports bras, demi-bras, push up bras, and convertible bras. What kind might be right for you? More likely than not, at one point in your life you'll need at least one of many of them. Here's how to tell what bras you need for your life right now.
Full-coverage, seamless bras. This bra will most likely be your everyday bra. Full-coverage bras offer full support to get through the paces of everyday life. If the bra is seamless, you can wear it under any type of shirt, including a fitted t-shirt. Flesh-colored bras offer you the most versatility, but white and black are also acceptable. Do not wear a white bra under a white shirt. It always shows through. Wear a flesh-toned bra under white shirts.
Wide-set strapped bra. The wide set of the straps allows you to wear open-necked tops without those embarrassing bra straps showing. Also, women with very square shoulders find this type of bra very comfortable. However, women with sloped shoulders may have a hard time pulling this bra off without the straps falling down on the arms.
Demi-bra. The demi bra, which has half-cups, ending just over the nipples, is great for plunging or open necklines. These bras can be strapless or wide-set strapped.
Convertible bra. A convertible bra offers several strap possibilities. The straps easily move from the traditional over-the-shoulder, to criss-cross in the back, around the neck like a halter, or remove completely for a strapless bra. Having a convertible bra on hand is great for special occasions.
Sports bra. As the name implies, a sports bra is used for exercising. A good sports bra will support and hold your breasts in place, no matter how much running or jumping you do. For larger chests, it also acts as a kind of minimizer. Bad support when exercising can damage breasts tissue, causing back and shoulder pain as well as helping gravity pull your breasts down.
Shelf bra or balconette. This bra is very low cut, always sitting beneath the nipples. This bra is great for v-necks and plunging necks lines.
Minimizers. These bras help to make larger breasts appear smaller. They are made out of a strong microfiber. It is very important to have these fitted correctly. Because it flattens out the natural shape of the breast, an ill-fitting minimizer can create a "uni-boob" look. Very unflattering.
Adhesive bra. Not a bra in the technical sense, these silicone cups, which usually only come in A, B and C, cups, adhere to the breasts directly, supporting you from underneath. These bras are great for strapless or low-backed dresses. Also, if one breast is larger than the other, you can buy one set of each size and wear the right size for each breast. They can, however, fall off if you are doing a lot of activity that involves bouncing and sweating, so wearer, beware!
Push-up bra. Almost every brand makes its own version of the Wonderbra, a push-up bra that provides cleavage that isn't really there. They offer a sexy look, but can be painful if your breasts are spaced very wide apart and are heavy.
Depending on what top you're wearing and what activities you may be doing, at one point or another, you'll need each of these bras. Hopefully, these tips will help you decide which is best for you now.
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