Apparel & Your Body Type

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Most women, as they get older, find that they are facing a diminishing selection of choices in clothing styles. Many make the wrong choices of how to deal with this situation. They want to look young, and think that wearing the latest fashion trends will help them achieve that youthful look.
Body Shapes and What to Wear
When it comes to dressing right for each individual body shape, it is all about balance. With clothes we can influence the visual appearance of our bodies, enhance what we like about ourselves and take the focus away from areas that we donít want too much attention to.
Choosing the Most Flattering Hemline for Your Body Type
Wearing a skirt is a great way to flatter your figure or disguise certain body areas. To achieve the greatest look, it is important to choose the right length and cut for your height and body type.
Choosing Jeans
Choosing the right style of jeans for your body type. How do you know which pair works for you? A guide to help you.
Neckline Styles
Simple rules that will allow you to make good choices for flattering necklines. The type of neckline you need is based on a number of different factors: face shape, body type, and bust size.
The number of necklines available on dresses, blouses, and sweaters of all kinds is staggering. How do you know which ones will look best on you?
There are only five basic types of waistlines that most dresses fall into. Learn who would look best in them and who should avoid them.