Tying Scarves

Woman whos is wearing a scarf around her neck
How to wear a scarf to accentuate your look.
Scarf Styles:
Throughout history, scarves have been made from a variety of fabrics - from heavy wool knits to fine silk weaves, patterned or plain - each style appropriate to its setting or the fashion of the period.
Today, fashion scarves are commonly made from silk, rayon or acetate, which offer a light weight, fluid movement, strength, and a shimmering finish. Other common fabrics for scarves are cotton and wool, which make for a slightly heavier scarf, with structure and often textured finishes.
Scarves come in many sizes and shapes, and many are designed for specific uses. There are bandanas and kerchiefs which are smaller in size (usually 14-16 inches [35-40 cm] on a side), to large shawl-like scarves (which can be up to 48 inches [120 cm] on a side).
There are square scarves, rectangular (or oblong) scarves, and triangular scarves. Some scarves have hemmed edges, fringed edges, and fused edges. They can be batik dyed, tie-dyed, silk-screened, have woven patterns, or solid colors. In short, the possibilities are endless.
Wearing Scarves:
Scarves can be worn in a variety of ways: as head coverings, shawls, accent pieces, belts, and even as garments. They are truly versatile and can add flair to a style, or be used as a subtle accent. They can be tied, pinned with a piece of jewelry, or secured with specially designed accents. Scarves can also be used as shawls at weddings, complimenting bridal dresses and jewelry such as wedding bands.
Below are some examples of ways to wear scarves and how to tie scarves to accentuate your look, the shape of scarf you will need and how to secure them.
Scarves as Headwear
Covering the head is one of the traditional purposes for which scarves have been used. Some cultures' mores insist that women wear scarves to cover their head as a matter of propriety, and in areas of the world where the climate is cold, women use scarves to protect their heads against the elements. Our concern here, however, is the use of scarves in fashion.
How to tie a Kelly scarf
How to tie a head scarf of the Crown
(Click for tying instructions)
The scarf is still used to protect the head/hairstyle, but it is just as important to look good in the process. Scarves have also gained popularity (because of their functionality) among female cancer patients who have experienced hair-loss as a result of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. The following methods of wearing scarves will serve you well, regardless of your motive for wearing them:
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