Hair Q&A

Are bangs fashionable for high school aged girls?
Can I change my centre parting into a side parting?
Can you advise me how to treat my frizzy curly hair?
Can you give some hairstyle tips for an oval face with fairly small features?
How can I make my thinning hair look fuller?
How can I protect my hair when I have to wear it in a ponytail often?
How can I style the layers in my hair using a round brush?
How did pigtails get their name?
How do you do a choppy haircut?
How frequently must I cut my hair to keep it neat?
How is the stack hairstyle different than the wedge?
I have a very round face. Can you suggest a hairstyle?
I have heard that cutting your hair with dull scissors results in split ends. Is this true?
Is it safe to put non-permanent comb-in hair color on a newly permed head?
Is there anything I can do to keep my bleached hair from turning blue?
My brown hair turns red when I dye it. What kind of dye do I need to get?
Should heavy set women have shorter or longer hair?
Should I put a color in my hair before or after a perm?
What haircuts look good with oval and long faces?
What hair styles look best with a diamond face shape and glasses?
What hairstyle would make my thinning hair look better?
What is the difference between having highlights in your hair or streaks?
What will happen to the new natural growth when my daughter cuts her relaxed hair?
What would be a good hairstyle for a heavy set male?
What would you suggest on a roller that is soft enough to sleep on?
Will a bob hair cut make me look shorter or taller?
Will having a perm seriously damage my hair?
Would bangs be the answer to my cowlicks problem?
Would my hair look good with a two-tone color hairstyle?
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