Perms and Hair Damage

Hair with perming rods
Q: Hi, my question is: will having a perm seriously damage my hair and if so how much and will it ever repair itself? And also is there just one type of perm or is there more than one?
A: The chemicals used in perms work by raising the cuticle layer of the hair, penetrating the shaft and breaking then reforming the chemical side bonds of the hair to create curls according to the size of the tool used. This process does do some damage to the hair, although when properly performed, the damage is minimal. It is because of the damage done to the hair that after-perm care is so important.
Careful conditioning, and time itself will help to repair some of the damage to the hair. The important thing to remember is that there are a wide variety of permanent wave formulas available for all different types of hair. Selecting the right perm formula can make a big difference in how your hair will respond and what condition it will be in after the perm.
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