Men's Fashion

Man and woman shopping for clothes
Hair Simulator for Men
Try different hairstyles on a photo of yourself and find your perfect new look!
Choosing the Right Tie
How to know which tie to wear with which shirt and how to match colors, patterns and stripes.
Fashion Tips for Short Men
Dealing with issues of height often presents a great challenge for men who are not born within the statistical norm. Here are ways to help vertically challenged men make the most of their stature.
Fashion Tips for Tall Men
When it comes to big mens clothing, getting the proper fit is a challenge. Tall men may in many cases have a tougher time finding fashions that fit than any of their less-vertical counterparts.
The Metrosexual Man
The word, and the increasingly large number of men whom it describes, has spread across the globe and now has become an ideal to which many men aspire.
Wearing Clothes Well
Some tips for ensuring a good fit and a flattering look. It all depends on your body type. Regardless of size, there are three basic body types: Heavy, Muscular, and Slim.
Beauty Care for the Modern Man
In today's world, being well-groomed and well-maintained has become very important for men. A few tips for men that can help you maintain and even enhance your looks.