Fashion Tips for Short Men

Dealing with issues of height often presents a great challenge for men (and women) who are not born within the statistical norm. People come in all shapes and sizes, and physical ideals are always biased against those who donít fall within the ďaverageĒ range. But weíre here today to discuss ways to help vertically challenged men make the most of their stature.
Aside from elevating shoes, thereís not really much you can do to increase your height. However, you can make sure that you donít do anything that will make you look shorter. Paying attention to your posture is an important thing, since good posture maximizes the proportions of your body. And as unfair as it is, having a shorter body means that you canít as easily hide any excess weight. Fifteen extra pounds on a guy whoís five-foot-four looks like a lot more weight than on a guy whoís six-foot. Because of this, many shorter men try to pay extra attention to their diets and managing their weight.
Itís also important to remember body proportions in all cases. Iíve known shorter men who were into working out, who made their bodies appear even shorter because they bulked up their bodies through weight-training. They may have had amazingly low levels of body fat, but they found that they looked like homunculi because of the breadth of their physiques.
The bottom line on physiques is to remember the proportions you are dealing with. Eat healthy, exercise to stay in shape and remember your posture; doing these things will help to ensure that you have a good base upon which to build a flattering wardrobe.
Hair is another consideration that some short people donít think of in terms of helping them make the most of their stature. While there is only so much that can reasonably be done to increase the appearance of height (before the hair becomes a caricature of a normal style) having the wrong style can make an individual look shorter and squat.
As usual, the key is balance and proportion. Shorter hairstyles are good, particularly those that taper along the sides and in the nape of the neck. This helps to make the neck appear longer. Longer hair styles, and even the mop-top shag cuts that are popular today, can make the head and neck appear minimized and give that squat look you want to avoid. If you want to have a little length to your hair, make sure itís in the top section, and feel free to ďpump it upĒ a little. A bit of lift with a faux hawk style or some spikiness can make your look a little taller, without looking like youíre trying too hard.
Dressing with Sense
Choosing the right clothes when youíre short comes down to three Fs: Fabric, Fit and Fashion. Each of these factors can make or break a look for anyone, but is especially important when dealing with a shorter individual. When taken in conjunction, the three Fs become critical to making sure you look your best when you arenít 6 feet tall.
As odd as it may sound, the choice of fabrics you wear can make a big difference to the look of your height. As a rule, stick with lighter-weight fabrics for suits and coats, and opt for layers of micro-fiber fabrics when you need protection from the cold rather than bulky knit sweaters, or heavy woolen coats. Smaller-framed individuals end up looking chunky and squat when dressed in heavy, bulky coats and sweaters.
Also avoid down jackets and other quilted garments. Instead, try layering tightly-woven fabrics with small-wale corduroy and similar fabrics to give the same amount of warmth without adding to the bulk of your look. Remember, a shorter man in a bulky sweater or quilted jacket can quickly look like the Michelin man.
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