Fashion Tips for Short Men (2)

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The BIG secret to looking taller is the way your clothing fits. The trouble is that most short men have a difficult time finding the right fit when shopping, and you may have an even more-difficult time if you have a limited budget and cannot afford to shop at stores that offer tailoring services.
There are ways to cope, however. If you have a friend who’s handy with a needle and thread you can possibly enlist their help. Otherwise, talk to your local dry cleaners and ask about alterations services. Or look in the local listings for tailoring and seamstress services in your area. Even if you can only afford to have a couple of garments worked on at a time, you can eventually get your wardrobe adjusted to suit your needs.
Fashion for short men
As far as specifics in fitting, here are some things to watch out for:
• Make sure that your pants “break” at the tops of your shoes. You never want socks to show below the hem of a pant leg. It makes your pants look too short and emphasizes any disproportion in your build.
• Make sure that your shirts and jackets are fitted, but not too tight, since that, too, will bring attention to your physique and make you look as though you’re straining the seams.
• The opposite is also a problem, so make sure to avoid baggy clothing. Also, NEVER tuck in a loose-fitting shirt. Doing so only makes your torso appear blocky and ill-proportioned.
• Your shirt cuffs should fall to the join between the wrist and the hand with the edge of the cuff just brushing the widening base of the palm. You should be able to slip two fingers into the cuff with your wrist, but the cuff should not be able to slide over the hand when buttoned.
Fashion encompasses the biggest variables in choosing your clothes. It includes the colors and patterns, as well as the design elements and cut of the clothes. Since our goal is to offer simple, common-sense advice that you can easily remember, here are some really key things to remember about choosing the fashion you want to wear:
Be Careful with Colors, Stripes and Patterns
The last thing you want to do when you are shorter is to break up the natural vertical line your body represents. If you can keep the eye looking at you moving vertically, you will give the impression that your body is longer than it actually is, making yourself appear taller. So, keep your colors conservative and stick to monochromatic themes when possible.
Color pairings for short men
Darker colors tend to be more slimming, and make the body appear leaner (and taller) and keeping the colors of different components of an outfit similar helps prevent breaking that vertical flow.
For instance, pair your favorite faded denim jeans with a light blue shirt to keep the color in a long, flow along the body. It will make you look taller than if you opt for a yellow tee shirt over the jeans.
Patterns for short men
If you want to wear stripes, make sure they’re vertical, and not too broad. Wide stripes can be as unflattering as horizontal ones, since they may the body look “smaller” on all dimensions. Keep the scale down. And while you may be able to get away with some fine patterns, stick with the ones that are woven into a fabric in monochrome, or avoid them altogether.
The Cut of a Man – Pants
Pants have their own difficulties for the shorter man. We’ve already mentioned the importance of proper length in the leg, but there are other proportions that should be mentioned. Whenever possible, choose pants that have a low-rise waist (meaning that they come up lower on the abdomen). This will help to make the torso appear longer, and give the impression that you are taller. If you are wearing pants that aren’t appropriate in a “low-rise” cut (such as suit trousers or dress slacks) be sure to avoid pulling the pants too high. Your waistband should fall around two finger-widths below the navel. Select pant sizes and inseam accordingly.
The cut of the pant is also important in the style of the pant’s front. Choose flat-front pants over pleats, since pleating can make the waist and lower abdomen look bulky. Also avoid cuffed hems on the pant legs since these can lead to the legs looking shorter. Other elements like the crease down the front of the pants legs are good, since they reinforce the vertical focus of the pants.
The bottom line is this: in order to look your best, you simply have to look the best you can. It doesn’t mean you have to look six-feet tall, but don’t dress in ways that will inhibit your natural gifts.
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