Hair Care

Woman who is taking care of her hair
Damaged Hair
Signs your hair may be damaged and a few tips on how to effectively treat them.
Dealing with Dull Hair
You may feel that your locks are unattractive because of dullness. However, with a few easy steps, you can create healthier and shinier hair.
Dry Hair
What causes dry hair and how to fix it.
Getting Rid of Static Hair
How to get rid of static hair when you go out in the winter.
Hair and Humidity
For individuals who hair is affected by humidity, going to the beach in the summertime can turn disastrous. There are some easy steps to take in order to control the way humidity affects your hair.
Hair Tangles
If you are one of those people that have trouble with tangles, here are a few tips that will help tame the knots.
Hair with Frizz
Treatment for frizzy hair will vary depending on the underlying cause of the problem. Using these easy tips, you can once again have hair that is smooth, manageable and frizz free.
Oily Hair
One of the most difficult issues we have with our hair is the overproduction of oil. This overproduction can cause our hair to feel and look stringy and limp.
Older Women's Hair
One of the great facts of life is as we age our body changes. Some hair care tips for aging women.
Pregnancy and Your Hair
Some women will experience more rapid nail and hair growth during pregnancy; hair can be thicker and shinier. Unfortunately, some women have the reverse happen.
Split Ends
Most of us at some time or another have experienced this hair problem. There are a number of different factors that can cause split ends.
Washing Your Baby’s Hair
Knowing how to wash a baby’s hair has to be high on the list of how am I supposed to do that list. Fortunately, there is plenty of help out there and here are some tips on how to correctly wash your baby’s soft little head.
Winter Hair Care
Following a few easy tips can help keep your hair healthy during the winter.