Hair Tangles

Hair with knots
How to Get Rid of and Prevent Hair Tangles
A few weeks ago, one of my friends went to her hair stylist and had her long hair cut. She now has a short new hairdo that falls just below her ears. I was shocked; as I never really thought, she would cut her long hair and go with a short haircut, because she has had long hair ever since I have known her. However, she decided she wanted it short and did it. A couple of weeks later, I met her for lunch and she was still excited about it.
The most surprising fact that she revealed to me was that the best thing about her short new haircut was that she no longer had to deal with tangles. I thought about what she had said and while our conversation went elsewhere, this no tangle comment stuck in my head. I know first hand about the frustrations of tangles in your hair, but I never considered tangles as a reason to dramatically change my haircut.
Any person who has long hair understands how awful tangles can be. The idea of taking a long drive with the convertible top down, your hair blowing in the wind seems romantic when you see it in movies. However, these movie stars never seem to have the reality of the awful aftermath of this activity. When my hair was long, a short drive with the top down resulted in at least half an hour of brushing my hair carefully to get rid of the tangles.
If you are one of those people that have trouble with tangles, below are a few tips that will help tame the knots. However, it is important to remember, the best way to get rid of tangles is to not allow them to happen in the first place.
Environmental Factors
Most of us understand the situations that cause our hair to tangle, but we do not know how to fix it. One problem women with long hair tend to have is when driving with the sunroof open or the windows down. One solution is to keep a tangle free band in your car and when you begin your drive, pull your hair into a pony tail, and tuck it into the back of your shirt. Simply remove the tie when you reach your destination. However, if you have curled and styled your hair, pulling it into a ponytail would be defeating the purpose. A solution to this is to purchase some hair nets. Hair nets will hold your style in place and when you arrive, you can simply fluff it back up with your fingers.
The beach is another environment that is tough on your hair. The wind and salty air can wreak havoc on your hair, causing it to look like a rats nest. A solution for this is to use your rinse through conditioning product in your hair and leave it in, instead of rinsing it out. The heat of the sun will help the product go through the hair; it is similar to getting a heated conditioning treatment. Make sure that you rinse your hair with fresh water afterwards and then reapply if you are in and out of the ocean.
The bedroom is the final place that can cause problems for people and their long hair. Simply tossing and turning during the night can cause tangles and an ensuing headache in the morning. One solution for this is to wear a sleeping cap. However, if you want to look good while sleeping, switch your pillowcase to satin or silk. They are more comfortable and easier on your hair.
Drying Tips
Having long hair comes with many hassles, but one of the biggest ones is the fact that it takes a lot of time to dry, especially if it is thick. For this reason, using a blow dryer is part of life. After your shower, instead of rubbing a towel across your hair, wrap the towel around the ends and squeeze the water out of it, working your way to the top of your head. At the scalp, pat your head to dry the water. You may need to use two towels.
Wrap your hair up in the towel and let it dry more while you are drying the rest of your body. Keep the towel on your head while you get dressed and do your make up. This will give the towel time to soak up the rest of the moisture. When you are ready to take the towel off, spray your hair with leave in conditioner and use your fingers to massage it through.
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