Hair Knots (2)

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If you have time to allow your hair to dry on its own, do so. If not, use your blow dryer set to the lowest heat setting. When drying, heat from the dryer causes cuticles to swell. It is important to direct the flow of the air downward as your hair grows or away from your head. This will help keep the cuticle from being roughed up and will keep your hair smooth and shiny.
When you begin blow drying your hair, start with your fingers to comb through it and then use a wide tooth comb. As the hair dries, switch to a vented brush. You will also want to lower the speed on your hair dryer or use the diffuser when your hair is drying. The main purpose of these tips is to teach you to be gentle with your hair. Many women are very hard on their hair when they really do not need to be.
You should stop blow drying your hair before it is completely dry. At least leave the parts of your hair that do not need styled damp and allow them to finish drying on their own.
Everyone has heard already how important it is to use conditioner as part of your routine care for your hair, but it is extremely important. Hair that is cleaned and conditioned is smooth and silky and will resist tangles, if your hair is relatively straight. Curly hair will also resist tangles when it is properly conditioned. A good conditioner will help smooth the cuticle layer of the hair down; this will keep the hair from tangling together.
From the people that I see on a regular basis, almost two thirds do not properly condition their hair. It is important to condition your hair every day, regardless of whether you wash it every day or not. Most people with normal hair need to not only use a rinse out conditioner, but a leave in conditioner as well. There are many great products available, either through a salon or grocery store or the drugstore.
Hair Products
Most of us use styling products on our hair to get it to lay in the style that we desire. When choosing products, choose ones that are not going to create more problems than they fix. Make sure to look at the ingredients in the product and choose ones that do not contain alcohol. Many products use alcohol to help them dry faster. However, alcohol will also cause your hair to dry out, which will make the tangle problem worse.
Instead of applying a product when your hair is totally dry, apply it before you start towel drying your hair. Apply it when the hair is wet and work it through, you can then towel dry and wrap it up as described above. This will allow the product to cover more of your hair and your finished style will be smoother and shinier.
If you have curly hair or hair that easily tangles, anti-frizz serums are wonderful. These products must be applied when the hair is wet and worked from the scalp downwards. The serums work by coating the hair shaft, smoothing, and sealing the cuticle. They will prevent the roughing up of the cuticle that is caused by blow drying and will help your hair look its best.
How to Get the Knots Out of Your hair
Sometimes avoiding knots is simply impossible. If you are at home at the end of the day, use a detangling spray and a wide tooth comb and comb the knots out gently. Start with the ends of your hair and work your way up. If you hit a really big knot, apply detangling spray directly on it and massage it. Then use the comb to work it out.
If you are in a situation, where there is not a detangling spray available, use a brush made of natural bristles to brush the hair knots out. If you hit a snag while brushing, lay it over your hand and use the brush to gently work through it. Patience is the key to working out the knots.
It takes a lot of work to keep your hair looking good. Even though all of us today lead busy lives you will not regret the extra time, you took with your hair when someone tells you how great it looks.