Split Ends

Trimming hair with split ends
Most of us at some time or another have experienced split ends. There are a number of different factors that can cause this problem including brushing to hard, winds and water from sports activities, and other natural causes. When we treat our hair roughly, the ends typically take the brunt of the punishment, which causes them to fray. The hair strand will crack and run up through the entire length of the strand. The name “split end” comes from this.
Split ends are a very common problem and because of this, the hair care industry provides a number of products that claim to help with the dilemma. The claims made by products will vary from hair therapies, which state they heal the damaged ends, and other products market themselves as hair repair. The difference in names are where many problems occur even though both types of products function in basically the same way.
It may seem ridiculous to obsess over hair care products and whether they are claiming to heal or repair damaged hair, but there are different results for both these products and only one offers results that are realistic.
It is Not Possible to Heal Hair
Hair products can do many things such as make hair shinier, smooth, soften, cleanse, and give hair body and make it easier to manage. We know this is true, because we have used products that helped us achieve this. However, if your hair is damaged, either chemically or because of split ends, there are products that make the claim they can heal the damaged hair, making it healthy again.
This is simply not true. Products cannot heal your hair, but they can make your hair look healthy once again. Living tissues are the only tissues in your body that can be healed. Your nails and your hair are both dead tissue and hardened proteins known as keratin. Since your hair and nails are not alive, saying they can be healed is similar to saying you can heal a rock or a rip in a shirt.
My problem with stating a product can heal hair damage is it makes people believe that this particular product is better than a product that states it can only repair damage. There are products available that can do great things for your hair, but healing is not one of them.
How you Can Repair Hair
What can be done to repair split ends is make the appearance of your hair seem healthy. There are products available that use polymers and other smoothing agents to help the split portions of your hair stick together. This will make the hair seem less damaged and healthier, but the effects are temporary. Once you wash your hair, most of the benefits will wash away and you will need to apply the product again.
For individuals with straight hair, lightly mist your hair with hairspray. This will help all of those little hairs sticking out lay flat. Simply spray the hairspray over your head and pat down the flyaway hairs. This will give you a smooth, polished look.
The most important thing to remember is that there are no products that will fix or heal your damaged hair, but the products can make hair appear healthy again. Products are great for keeping your hair healthy and the proper ones will protect your hair from environmental and styling damage. Good nutrition and proper treatment of your hair are the secrets to keeping your hair healthy.
Tips for Split Ends
Since the topic of the article is split ends, here are a few tips and products to use to help you with your split end dilemma. Here is a list of things to do and things to not do:
DO: Choose the right styling products for your hair. Split ends should be treated with a silicone-based product on hair that has been towel dried. Comb the product through the hair using a wide toothed comb. Naturally drying your hair is recommended, but if you need to quicken the process, use a blow dryer with a diffuser and stop before your hair is dried completely, especially the ends. Reuse the serum to reseal any split ends.
DO: Think of your hair as a natural fiber and treat it as such. Just as you would not clean a silk blouse using a washboard, you should not clean your hair roughly. Instead, clean your hair gently and pay attention to the specific needs of your hair type.
DO NOT: Expose hair to severe environments. While it seems great to drive down the road with your hair blowing in the wind, this is just as damaging as a week of heat styling your hair. The hair is being thrown in many directions very quickly and the air is drying out all of the moisture. Additionally, the hairs are rubbing each other, which roughs up the cuticle layers causing frizz. As good as the wind blowing through your hair may feel, try not to do this often and instead, use a scarf to wrap your hair up and keep it looking great.
DO NOT: Over brush your hair. Brushing your hair feels wonderful, which is one reason so many people tend to over brush their hair. However, the purpose of brushing your hair is to smooth the hair and remove tangles. Once your brush goes through your hair easily, you are finished. Brushing it more than this will stress the ends, which can cause them to split.
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