Dealing with Dull Hair

Long shiny hair
One of the main differences between your hair and a modelís hair that you view in magazine photos is the shine. Magazine photos always picture women with hair so shiny it seems to glow. This can make you feel like you will never be able to obtain hair that appears that good. First, you must remember that models have their hair photos taken under professional lighting, which makes it seem glow even more than it actually does.
Do not worry, this does not mean that shiny healthy hair is unobtainable. You just have to know the difference between what is real and what is done using special effects. Hair that is dull will look unhealthy and instead of reflecting light, tends to absorb it. The coloring can also be affected, making it appear lifeless. You may feel that your locks are unattractive because of dullness. However, with a few easy steps, you can create healthier and shinier hair.
Styling Techniques
Some of the techniques women use to style their hair is the main culprit of hair appearing dull. Most women treat their hair a bit too rough when they wake up in the morning. If your hair is tangled, use a brush made from natural bristles and gently brush from the bottom up. Do this until the brush passes through easily. Then use the brush to gently brush from the roots down to help distribute the oils from the hair evenly.
When blow drying your hair, direct the airflow the way the hair grows. Hold the dryer near the scalp and face it down so the air blows through the length of your hair. This will prevent the air from lifting the cuticles, which can make hair more dull appearing.
Always use a blow dryer that has a cool shot feature. This will allow you to blow cool air on your hair to give it the shine you want while you are drying and styling it with your brush.
Choosing the right shampoo is important to make your hair shinier. Choose a shampoo, which adds moisture and gently clean your hair, because dry hair will appear duller. Shampooing should be followed by a conditioner that is moisture rich. If you use these products your hair will appear shinier and healthier in no time. Hair care products have made much advancement and because of this there are numerous products available that will help smooth the cuticle layer. This will improve the shine in your hair.
Moisturizing shampoos and conditioners contain ingredients that will help lock in moisture and close the cuticle layer. The results are hair that is shiny, sleek, and looks healthier.
There are even different shampoos available for different types of hair, such as hair that has been chemically treated or naturally curly hair. These products are designed to make sure that your hair looks healthy and has a glowing shine.
Use a Cool Rinse
Heat and moisture will make a hair shaft swell and make the hair cuticles to open. Open cuticles reflect less light, which in turn will leave your hair looking dull.
Rinsing your hair in cool water is one easy way to bring back shine. There is no need to take a freezing cold shower, just turn the nozzle to cold when you are done and cool your hair down under the spray. This will cool the hair roots, which causes them to contract and the cuticles to close, which will reflect more light. Your hair will look shinier and smoother.
It is important to not undo the effects of the cool rinse by heat drying the hair or roughing it up in the drying process. Simply squeeze the extra water from the hair into a towel and pat the scalp dry.
Natural Rinses
While cold-water rinses will help, other natural products are available for you to use as well to give your hair that extra shine. One way to add shine to your hair is to rinse it in vinegar after shampooing. For this, add about a half cup or cup of vinegar per gallon of water, pour this mixture over your hair after it has been washed. Vinegar is acidic, which counters the alkalinity of the products you used on your hair. This will tighten the cuticles and create healthier and shinier looking hair.