Hair and Humidity

Hair affected by hulidity
For individuals who's hair is affected by humidity, going to the beach in the summertime can turn disastrous. Humidity is due to a high moisture content in the air, for some people this will cause their hair to get really frizzy, and for others hair is weighed down.
The reason for this is that humidity will cause the worst qualities of your hair to come into play. Your hair will react to the moisture in the air which causes it to lose its style. One woman who moved to Florida stated, I usually do not have frizzy hair, but this humidity has made it out of control.
There are some easy steps to take in order to control the way humidity affects your hair. The most effective way to deal with humidity is to use the natural texture of your hair. If you have curly or wavy hair, instead of straightening it, choose a style that works with the waves. If you have straight hair, trying to curl it is simply a waste of time, as they will just fall out in humid weather. Choosing a style that goes with your hair naturally, will make your hair look great no matter what type of weather you may face.
If humid weather causes limp and lifeless hair, a layered cut will work best. A blunt cut will leave more weight on the ends of the hair, which will cause it to lie flat against the head. For individuals with very thin hair, this can be very problematic. A layered cut will add texture and dimension, which prevents the hair from going flat, even in the most humid weather.
Another way to fight against humiditys effect on your hair is to use fewer products on it. Gels and creams can weigh your hair down. Once a week, use a clarifying shampoo to help remove build up from the products. Light sprays work well to add volume to your roots, leaving the rest of your hair without any product. Lightly blow-drying hair at the roots can add volume as well.
Frizz is one of the most common problems caused by humidity. This affects people with thick or curly hair the most. The number one way to combat frizz caused by humidity is the cut. Choose a long, slightly angled cut if you have curly hair. A longer hairstyle will make the hair heavier, which prevents the hair from curling as much and helps control frizz. Layers and angles will help keep your hair from appearing too bulky.
John Frieda offers an anti frizz styling product that works well. The product contains silicon, which locks in moisture and keeps your hair from becoming to frizzy. Try to avoid using a blow dryer, instead gently scrunch your hair to define your curls and air dry. Using a blow dryer removes moisture from your hair and creates more frizz.
There is no reason to let the humidity keep you from going out looking great in the summer. Getting a good haircut for your particular hair type and using the right styling products will keep the humidity at bay.
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