Hair with Frizz

Girl with frizzy hair
Causes of Frizz and How to Treat it
Most often, women that have curly hair have to deal with the annoying frizz that comes with it. There are a number of factors that can cause unruly hair. Some of the sources that cause unwanted frizz include too much blow-drying, over use of styling products, and chemical process damage.
Treatment for frizz will vary depending on the underlying cause of the problem. Using the easy tips given below, you can once again have hair that is smooth, manageable and frizz free.
Girls with Curly Hair
For those of you with curly locks, there has probably been a time when you have had to deal with frizz. Pomade is one of the best products to use on your hair to gain control of flyaway hairs, as it was developed specifically for curly locks. Drug stores often carry inexpensive versions of pomade, but if you are willing to spend a little more you can also purchase it at a high-end salon.
To use the pomade, after you have washed your hair, place a small amount of it in your palm and then spread it throughout your hair. Use your fingers to spread the product throughout your hair and separate individual curls for definition. Look for products that also contain conditioner or moisturizer to avoid over drying.
Hair with Damage
If you have your hair colored, bleached, or permed, you may experience frizziness. Overusing styling products is another culprit as this can lead to your hair drying out. In order to treat this problem, a deep conditioner should be used on your hair at least once a week; this will soften your hair. It is important to use a cream conditioner as oil based conditioners can add to frizz.
Pomade or gel can be used to help control hair, similar to controlling curly hair. Remember to only use a small amount because damaged hair will tend to absorb the product. Clarifying shampoos can be used once a week to help avoid product build up.
More Tricks and Tips
There are several other steps that can be taken to help keep frizz at a minimum. For curly headed girls, embrace your natural texture. Straightening your hair often can cause a lot of damage, which leads to more frizz. By working with your hair the way it is, you will find it will be much easier to manage.
During the day, instead of using a brush to get out the tangles, consider using a comb instead as this will smooth hair without adding static. Shampooing every day can lead to the hair becoming very dry. If you feel that shampooing every day is necessary, skip using a shampoo and simply rinse hair with water and add a conditioner. Rinse your hair with cool water, which will close up cuticles and create a smoother look.
Frizzy hair can be quite annoying, but there is no reason to let it ruin your hairstyle. Use the easy steps above to help keep frizz under control. Remember to use good styling techniques and condition well and your hair will be healthy and look its best.
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