Haircuts for Long & Oval Faces

Girl with a new haircut
Q: What type of haircuts look good with oval or long faces?
A: Well, the simplistic answer to this question is that persons with an oval face shape (which is considered the ideal) can wear any hairstyle equally well, while those persons with long faces should opt for hairstyles that offer more volume on the sides to create the illusion of a more oval face. However, in the real world, the simple answer never covers all the factors that it should.
The fact of the matter is that more than the face shape must be considered if you are going to choose a flattering hairstyle. You need to consider not only the shape of the face, but the overall build of the individual, the balance of the features (are the eyes wide- or close-set, is the nose long and slim or broad, is the forehead high or low, is the mouth wide and full-lipped or narrow and thin-lipped, etc.) and, of course, the texture and wave pattern of the hair.
Any of these factors can make a given hairstyle unsuitable for an individual. For example: a woman has a long face, and curly hair. She decides to go for a short bob cut so that the width of the hairstyle will make her face appear wider. However, she is also 6 tall and rather broad shouldered and the short blunt cut just makes her look awkward. She would actually be better served by a longer layered cut styled to lie closer to the scalp on top and be wider on the sides. The length would help to balance the whole silhouette of the body.
Photo: Michelle Aleksa
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