Facial Features and Hairstyles

Side view of a lady's face
You understand the general structure of your face, but worry that the hairstyle that you saw on your favorite actress will not look good on you. Unfortunately, you are probably right, the hairstyle will not look exactly like the actress’s because we all have different features.
While on Greatest Look we can offer suggestions of different style options for each category of facial shape, when it comes down to it, each individual has some type of personal quirk. Everyone has a best feature and another area that is considered a problem. This problem area is what will have to be addressed when considering a new hairstyle. Below are some of the most common issues people have and ways to minimize them.
Difficult Profiles:
Noticeable Nose: For individuals with large or prominent noses, a hairstyle that includes bangs (a fringe) should be considered. The style should pull back on both sides of the face and curls should be avoided. Lines should be kept simple. Overall, a blunt cut, shorter hairstyle will work best.
Jutting Chin: A jutting or prominent chin is similar to a prominent nose as it also will add a sharp angle to the profile. For this reason, the resolution is similar. Use bangs if you can and keep lines simple. The difference between the prominent nose and chin is, in the case of a prominent chin, a longer hairstyle is better. Keep your haircut at about shoulder length, with layered ends and soft curves rather than curl.
Flat Features: There are some individuals that instead of having features that jut out, their profile appears flat. To help with this issue, choose a hairstyle that pulls away from the face and has volume added. This volume should be on the top and in the back to add much needed depth to your profile. Consider a short layered haircut or a graduated cut style with more volume to achieve the desired effect.
Irregular Features:
Eyes: Some individuals have eyes that are very close together and feel this makes their eyes look small. A hairstyle that falls forward on the sides of your face will help make your eyes seem more evenly proportioned. Contrarily, when an individual has eyes that are far apart, a hairstyle that keeps the hair away from the face is best. This will increase the amount of skin that appears on the sides of the eyes and the face will appear more proportionate. Adding volume on the sides will make wide set eyes appear wider.
Low or High Forehead: For individuals with a high forehead, a haircut with bangs that fall forward onto the face is recommended to reduce the amount of forehead that is visible. Contrarily, people with low foreheads should find a style that moves hair away from the face, will be the best choice.
Mouth: People with small mouths that wish to make it appear larger should consider a short, blunt hairstyle. This will draw the lines of the face in, making the jaw seem smaller and more in balance with the mouth. Individuals with wide mouths will benefit from a hairstyle that is long and sweeping and frames the overall face.
Finally, when you are considering your problem features, it is important to focus on your good features. Try to bring the attention to the features of your face that you think are the most flattering. When you do this, less people will notice the features that you think are “problems.”
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