Fashionable Bangs

Hairstyle with bangs
Q: Are bangs fashionable for high school aged girls?
A: Like many other elements of hairstyling, bangs go through as much of a morphing and evolution as the rest of the hair as years progress. Certain looks and styles will re-emerge in different eras, although usually with some element of updating.
For example: the feathered “wings” and “fly-back” look of the mid-to-late seventies re-emerged in the late eighties accompanied by jacked-up bangs. Then, in the nineties, bangs grew increasingly longer as hairstyles became ironed-smooth and razor-cut.
Today, bangs can be seen in a wide variety of stylings. There are long, side-swept bangs, and curved textured bangs, as well as short and spiky ones. The important thing to consider about bangs is whether or not you need them..
If your forehead is exceptionally high, or wide, then you should select a bangs style that helps to restore the balance to your face. If you have a large or prominent nose, then choppy, assymetrical or side-swept bangs will help to detract from the prominence.
If you don’t have any outstanding features, and you have an oval face, then wearing bangs is simply a matter of choice. Do you want to wear them or not? Just be sure to select a bangs style that doesn’t over-balance your face or features.
Photo: Kvitka Fabian/Shutterstock
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