Hairstyle for a Round Face

Hairstyle for a round face
Q: I am very over weight to my dismay but trying to work with a hair style that will work with my very round face, I also have no neck. And of course a double chin.
Right now my hair just touches my shoulder but is fairly short. I would love a perm for convenience but don't want to look like a fat poodle. What do you suggest?

A: Well, unfortunately, I really can’t offer you a specific suggestion for a hairstyle, based on a description. I can, however, make sure that you understand the basic ideas for dealing with round faces when creating a hairstyle. The thing to remember is that in choosing a hairstyle, the goal is to create the appearance of an oval shape to the face.
When the face is not already oval in shape, we do this by adding or creating style elements that compensate for shortcomings or camouflage excesses. In the case of a round face, the oval is created by adding volume (or height) at the top of the hairstyle and using vertical lines to elongate the face.
Your idea of a perm is not necessarily a bad choice, but I would recommend using something along the lines of a “root lift” perm or large-curl body wave to add some volume to the hair and go with a layered hairstyle that has volume at the top of the head, but is styled flat on the sides to create a vertical line and keep the bulk down on the sides of the face.
You can even keep your hair longer, as long as you maintain the lack of volume or bulkiness on the sides to prevent further widening your face.
I wish you all the best.
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