Choppy Haircut

Hair with choppy cutting lines
Q: I'm getting back into cutting hair after four years. How do you do a choppy haircut?
A: The “choppy look” can be achieved using the scissors to perform texturing on the hair. The technique used depends on exactly how you want the finished cut to look, but for the most “choppy” effect, you want to perform what is known as “point cutting” where once the base haircut is completed, you go back over the head and hold the hair in segments straight out from the scalp and cut inward from the ends of the hair at an angle to create notches in the hair.
The texturing can add visual interest to otherwise straight hair, and can be used to remove bulk from curly hair styles. With straight and wavy hair types, the textured haircut can be styled using a blow-dryer and round brush to flare the ends of the hair outward. The technique can also be used on very short hairstyles to emphasize a “spiky” style.
Photo: Michelle Aleksa/Shutterstock
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