Heart Shape Face Hairstyle

Hairdresser cutting an angled bob
Q: I am fairly short with a small frame and a heart shape face. I was wanting to cut my below shoulder length hair to a bob cut, shorter at the nape and longer at the front about half way between chin and shoulders.
My question is ‘will this hair cut make me look even shorter or maybe perhaps taller?’

A: You should be pretty safe with the cut you describe as long as you remember to keep the lines of the cut mostly vertical. This will help to give your overall appearance a vertical line to draw the eye up and down.
You will want to make sure to avoid blunt cut bangs in this cut, so that you keep from creating the horizontal line across the face, stopping the effect of the vertical draw.
Other than that, the key is going to be balance. Keep the style smooth and the lines clean. Avoid wearing clothing that will draw attention to horizontal features such as the line of your shoulders, the width of your bust, or the width of your hips.
A well-tailored jacket with trousers or a tea-length skirt can give you a strong vertical line to make you appear taller. High-heels are good, but only in moderation. Wearing heels that are exceptionally tall, only emphasizes your initial lack of height, and since they can make you move in an ungainly fashion sometimes, they should be avoided unless absolutely unavoidable.
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