Change Parting

Girl who is wearing her hair with a center parting
Q: I have straight fine hair that is just on my shoulders. I am going to have it cut chin level, but the question I want to ask is this: I have a center parting - have had for many years. Is it possible for me to have a cut with a side parting and will my hair stay there or will it keep going back to the centre parting?
A: Your hair is always going to have its “natural part”, but can usually be styled with a parting at any number of positions on the head – provided, of course, that the hair is cut in such a way as to support this styling. You may find it necessary to use styling products to hold the hair in the desired new style, but you’ll soon get the hang of the new style.
Your hair may always go back to its natural parting when you give it the opportunity, but if your stylist takes the parting you want to have into consideration when cutting your hair into its new style, there should be no problem in having the part you want to have.
Photo: Luis Molinero/Shutterstock
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