Hair Rollers to Sleep On

Rollers for hair
Q: I would like to know what you would suggest as a roller that is soft enough to sleep on. I am an African-American woman. Thanks.
A: Well, I actually went through this recently with a friend of my mother’s who has chronic arthritis in her hands and wanted to be able to take her time setting her hair at night before going to bed. She too was looking for rollers that were comfortable enough that she could sleep in them. I did some searching, and here’s what I found:
We’ve all seen the sponge rollers available on the market and these are great products. However, even the sponge rollers that are fabric covered can be uncomfortable when they are over a certain size. There’s also the fact that these rollers can often be difficult to use. They were a great invention at their time, and were made more comfortable when they were redesigned with a fabric covering, but they are now obsolete.
And the product that makes them obsolete is the new silicone rollers. These rollers are designed to actually grip the hair gently and stay in place when rolled into the hair. Because they are silicone they have a gel-consistency and are imminently comfortable. For use to hold the hair overnight while sleeping, you will want to use hairpins or clips, but these can be found small enough to keep them from being a nuisance when trying to sleep.
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