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Older woman at a hair salon
Q: I found your website and saw where you answer questions. My question is why don't salons look for ways to help people over 60 years that wear glasses and have a diamond shape face? What hair styles look best? I have short hair.
A: As pat and non-committal as the answer might sound, a GOOD stylist will always take into account a personís face shape as well as necessary accessories like eyeglasses when making suggestions of hairstyles to a client. Iím not trying to defend those stylists who have obviously let you down in the past, but often an established stylist who has been working with clients for a long time falls into a routine and begins giving all clients similar styling.
There is also a tendency to give older clients more traditional styles, or to simply carry on with the style they currently wear long past the point at which the style suits the person. None of these traits are a beneficial for maintaining happy clients, nor will they garner them new long-term clients. It might be prudent to look for a new or different salon, and be assertive about what you are looking for. The stylistís job is to help you look your best, and if you donít stand up for yourself, who else will?
As to the question of what styles look best on an older woman with glasses with a diamond shaped face, there are two factors that should be taken into account. These factors are the eyeglasses and the face shape. Aside from whatever changes may develop in the hairís density, texture and condition via aging, the age of a client has no real bearing on what styles look best for an individual.
For a woman (or a man) who has a diamond shape face, the objective is to minimize the width of the cheekbone area. Eyeglasses only add to the attention drawn to this area, and so, make the problem doubly necessary. One way to assist in this is to look into updating your eyeglasses frames. Todayís frame styles are smaller and less obtrusive on the face.
As for the hair styling to combat the diamond shape, the hair should feature more volume on the upper sides of the head and below the ears. The hair also needs to lie close to the sides to prevent drawing attention to the cheek area by creating a wider silhouette there.
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