Cowlicks and Bangs

Q: I have naturally curly hair that is medium length and layered. My problem is I have 2 cowlicks in the front that prevent me from wearing my hair down, because it falls right in my eyes. Should I get bangs? I am very tired of using a hair clip to pull back the top.
A: From what you describe, adding bangs to your hairstyle might be just the answer to your problem. However, you will need to be very careful in selecting and executing the creation of a bangs style both because of the cowlicks and because of the curl of your hair.
It is very important to sit down with your stylist and discuss the bangs style you are interested in (or if you donít have a specific style in mind, to discuss the results you want from a bangs style). With curly hair, you need the assistance of someone who is experienced in dealing with curly hair and the way curly hair responds to being cut. All too often, I hear horror stories from women with curly hair who think they are giving themselves bangs that will hang to the eyebrows, but instead end up with a puff-ball of curly fluff that sits high up on the forehead.
But, a good stylist knows what to watch for and how to cut the hair to compensate for the reaction of the hair once it is cut. This is one situation where I strongly advise seeking the services of a professional rather than risking a mistake being made while you try to do it yourself.
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