Two-Tone Color Hairstyle

Woman with a two tone hair color
Q: I wanted to ask if my hair would look good if I did a two-tone color hairstyle. My hair is usually brown, but currently it is reddish and blonde on the bottom and I was wondering if it would look good with dark brown on top and blonde on the bottom.
A: Iím sorry, but the question you are asking is a little too vague for me to be able to give you a pat answer. The correct color choices for an individual depend on your skin tone, eye color and external factors like age, and lifestyle.
For instance, I donít think your 80-year-old grandmother would look appropriate with such a look, but a young woman in a non-conservative career could likely pull off the two-toned, darker-on-top look with ease.
Another factor would be the style of the hair. A straighter hairstyle, where the darker hair on top allows for movement to reveal the blonde hair beneath, could be an interesting look. Combine it with a modern cut, and you could start a trend in your area.
The bottom line, however, is your personal taste. If you like the way a style looks, you should give it a try. As long as you are careful not to damage your hair, there is no reason why you shouldnít be able to try out any new style idea you want.
Photo: Zdenka Darula/Shutterstock
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