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Woman with permed hair
Q: Is it safe to put "Fanciful" non-permanent comb-in hair color on a newly permed head, if my hair condition is very good?
I know it is recommended that a person not 'color' one's hair immediately after a perm. When putting the "Fanciful" on, I simply squirt it on and do not comb it in.

A: I would say that as long as you have waited the specified 48-72 hours after your perm service, you should be safe to apply the temporary color rinse like “Fanciful”. These products are designed simply to sit on the surface of the hair shaft and color the hair.
The thing you have to be cautious about is the fact that having your hair permed can leave the hair more porous than it was previously, and this could mean that the temporary color could penetrate the hair shaft and last longer than intended. As the hair’s condition level returns and stabilizes, this can mean that the color results may be unpredictable, with the color washing out in some places, but remaining behind in others.
These problems are generally mild and not cause for a lot of worry, but it may be a matter of needing to wait a few days more in order to condition the hair a few times to help prevent complications.
Generally speaking, with a properly executed perm service, the hair is stable after the perm is neutralized. The concern over waiting before shampooing/wetting the hair is primarily with having an interaction with other styling services that could result in drying out the more-porous post-perm hair.
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