Types of Hair Color

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Choosing to Color Your Hair
At some point in time, most of us have wondered what it would be like to change the color of our hair. However, maybe you are not sure about such a drastic change. You may also be nervous that you will not be able to get the color you want or that you will cause some permanent damage. Below are a few tips about hair coloring products and what is available.
Permanent Hair Colors
A permanent color is designed to penetrate through the shaft of the hair and the color goes directly into the cortex of the hair. This works by using a developer to help lift the cortex allowing the color to reach the center of the cortex. The formula contains hydrogen peroxide combined with aniline derivatives, which produces larger tint molecules, which are trapped in the cortex.
The formulation used in permanent hair colors allows them to deposit color and lighten hair, based on the amount of peroxide in the formula. A 10 volume developer will simply add color with no lightening. Twenty volumes will lighten and add color of one to two levels, for lightening the base even more a 30 or 40 volume developer will be used. It is important to note that the higher the level of peroxide, the worse for your hair. It is recommended to not use anything stronger than a 20 volume developer without the help of a professional.
Demi and Semi Permanent Hair Colors
Both semi and demi permanent colors work in a similar way, but a bit different in formulation.
A semi permanent color will deposit color on the hair and will not lighten it. The products include an activator that will raise the cuticle so color can be deposited. It does not penetrate the cortex of the hair and will last about six to eight weeks. It slowly washes out each time you shampoo.
Demi permanent colors work in the same way, but the difference is the demi permanent color will penetrate the cortex and deposit around the cortex. This is the best choice for covering up unwanted gray hairs. This color will last longer, but will eventually wear off with shampooing.
Temporary Hair Colors
This type of product is truly temporary. Most of the time a temporary color is sold as a color rinse. Most people use these to hide gray hair or add a tone to their natural hair color. This color product works by sitting on the outside of the cuticle and adding color to the surface. Temporary hair color does not change the shade of your hair from darker to lighter, but can add richness to lighter colored hair. Most of the time this product only lasts until the next time you wash your hair.
There are a variety of temporary color products such as rinses that are added to the hair and styled dry, mousses to add subtle tones, hair mascara, spray on colors, and shampoos and conditioners with color tints.
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