Longer Lasting Hair Coloring

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A new hair color can change your look dramatically or adding subtle highlights can add some definition to your current hairstyle. However, over time all coloring will fade and diminish the vibrant, rich look your hair has right after it is colored.
You may feel the need to color your hair on a more regular basis to help compensate for this fading, but using these harsh chemicals on your hair even more can lead to damage including hair breakage and loss. To help minimize the process of fading and prevent needing it retouched often, there are a few steps you can take to help your hair stay rich and vital.
Choose the Proper Color and Prepare the Hair for the Process of Coloring
If you like your hair to be low maintenance and do not want to have to touch it up frequently, choose a color that is near your natural color. This can be a few shades lighter or darker. The closer the color is to your natural color, the less apparent fading will be because your roots will not be as obvious. In addition, make sure your hair is healthy before you submit it to the coloring process.
Use a deep conditioner a few days before you color your hair. Allow the conditioner to stay on your hair for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Hair that is well conditioned will more readily absorb color, which results in color that lasts longer. Conditioning also works by helping protect your hair from damage that the chemical treatment can cause.
Color Enhancing Products
When shopping for shampoo and conditioner, choose ones that help boost and preserve hair color. To reduce the need for touch ups as often, a woman that has a light hair color should try a shampoo that helps disguise roots and lower brassy tones. Redheads and brunettes need to choose a shampoo that brightens the color and deposits tint to help compensate for loss of color.
A color enhancing conditioner is helpful no matter what color of hair that you have. These conditioners help to smooth the hair cuticle and add moisture. Keeping your hair properly conditioned is one of the top ways to help keeping your color fresh.
There are salons that offer specialized products designed specifically for your hair color. The enhancer products that are sold in stores are fairly generic targeting blonde, red, and brunette hair. A stylist will be able to blend a product that is designed for your exact hair color specifically. This can help perk up the color of your hair in between your visits to the salon. You should ask your stylist about this type of treatment and the cost of it.
Other Methods
When choosing a type of color for your hair, make sure to use a permanent color only. A semi-permanent color will fade much faster. When getting your hair retouched, this should only be done to the roots of the hair and not the entire length. There may be a time when your entire head of hair needs re-coloring, but this should be kept to a minimum to avoid damage.
You should not use any type of hot oil treatment or a protein based conditioner on your hair after it is colored. These products can prevent the color from proper saturation and can strip the tint from your hair.
Use cooler water when you are washing your hair. Cool water will help your hair retain a rich tone and will smooth the hairís surface. Chlorine and the sun can cause a greenish tint to colored hair, especially if the hair color is light.
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