Coloring Eyebrows and Eyelashes

Coloring eyebrows
There are many individuals who find that their complexion and coloring is a bit off and they feel that it is hard to deal with. Most of the time it is individuals who are very fair haired and skinned. Their eyebrows and eyelashes are typically very lightly colored and they have to spend a lot of time applying cosmetics to make these features more apparent. Even though their eyebrows and lashes may be long and lush, if they are lightly colored they are hard to see and makeup is needed to help them step up.
There are many different options to try and many people try them all to find a solution. There is the traditional eyebrow pencil and mascara and even henna preparations. These techniques will work with a varying amount of success, but are not typically a long lasting solution.
Now, there are thousands of salons around the world that offer a solution that works. They are coloring services for eyebrows and eyelashes. This practice has been popular in South America and Europe for many years, with many women keeping regular appointments to have their brows and lashes colored to avoid ghostly looking features.
Coloring Process
Coloring the eyebrows and eyelashes is similar to dyeing your hair. The person that is coloring your eyebrows or lashes will clean the face and place a protective cream around the area to safeguard the tissues surrounding the eye.
The formula for the dye consists of the aniline derivative dye and a peroxide solution. The solution is cream based to make a thick mixture that does not run or drip.
A small brush is used to apply the mixture with the goal to apply it only to hairs that are being colored. For the eyebrows, if not careful the skin underneath the hair can become dyed as well. As for the eyelashes, it is important to only get the lashes so the solution does not go into the eyes. Most salons will offer an eyebrow and eyelash coloring package. The service will take less time than getting your hair colored due to the fact that the area being colored is so small. Most people expect to come to a salon and spend a certain amount of time, so adding these packages are easy to sell.
Cautions - Warnings
It is important to make sure and have the technician do a patch test of the chemical product before the procedure and when considering coloring the eyebrows and lashes, this area around the eye is typically more sensitive than other areas of the body. Always ask questions if you are concerned about any part of the procedure. Make sure you only let a technician that is properly trained provide this service. Ask for a reference and how long they have been coloring these particular areas.
The price of coloring is relatively cheap. However, the damage that can happen if it is done wrong could be devastating and irreparable. These precautions may seem like common sense, but many women are afraid to ask questions when they are at the salon. It is important to always speak up.
It is important to know that in the United States, coloring eyebrows and eyelashes has only recently become popular. The FDA is the cause for this because of warnings issued about products being used causing allergic reactions. This product was used in 1933 to color eyebrows and there were two women in particular who had very harsh reactions, one woman was blinded and the other died from exposure to the product. This incident caused conflict in congress, as the FDA had no authority over cosmetic restrictions. In 2000, the FDC (food drug and cosmetic) act was passed.
Since this happened, the FDA warns against using coal dyes on the brows and lashes as it can cause serious damage to the eyes. It is important to note that salons offering these services are not breaking the law unless they tell you that the products that they are using are approved by the FDA.
Photo: Tatiana Romanova-Sargaeva/Shutterstock