Dull Scissors and Split Ends

Hair stylist cutting split ends
Q: I have heard that cutting your hair with dull scissors results in split ends. Is this true? If I am getting (what I consider to be) excessive split ends, does that mean I should ask my stylist how often she is sharpening her scissors?
A: Actually, using dull scissors can result in split ends (as can using a razor tool on some coarser and curly hair types) and you should be aware of this as a potential source of your split end problems.
If you notice that your stylist’s scissors seem to “bend” the hair, or pull against the hair, then you may want to ask if her scissors are sharp. Most stylists are well-aware of the sharpness of their scissors and take extra pains to make sure the scissors are always sharp and ready to go.
However, you also need to be aware that using alcohol-based styling products and brushing the hair too much can also lead to split ends. The alcohol-based products cause the hair to dry out and can crack and split along the length, and brushing puts stress along the length of the hair as it is threaded between the hundreds of bristles.
The ends of the hair are whipped back and forth and can fray like a flag let in the wind for a long period of time. The problem is that the effects of such things are cumulative and while you may not notice any problem for several days or weeks, you hair can reach a “breaking point” and suddenly appear much more damaged than it did a few days before.
Aside from addressing the dull scissors issue with your stylist, be sure to avoid products containing alcohol and only brush the hair enough to leave it smooth and tangle free. The practice of “brushing your hair for 100 strokes every night” is only a myth, and can actually leave you with damaged, frizzy hair.
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