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Woman with long hair just before a haircut
Q: I have long hair and it looks like my hair its getting thinner with time. What causes it and how do I make my hair look fuller? I love to put some layer in my long hair but I am afraid it will make me look like I donít have any hair. Your advice is really appreciated.
A: Well, you should make certain that what you are dealing with is thinning of the hair as opposed to breakage. If you see no signs of breakage, which would explain the thinning of the hair, then you might want to consider speaking with your doctor to make sure you arenít dealing with a condition such as diffuse alopecia areata, or androgenic alopecia.
The likelihood that you are dealing with such a condition is slim, and it is more likely that as you are getting older your hair is thinning according to genetic program-ming. Look to the other women in your family and see if any of them have experienced the same types of thinning hair. If so, you have a good basis for understanding where the loss comes from, and if not, it makes for a more logical reason to consult a doctor.
In the meantime, you should try using a bodifying conditioner to add volume, or try drying your hair with your head inverted. If holding your head upside down isnít practical for you, you can achieve a similar effect by holding the hair up away from the head and drying the scalp areas first.
Donít be afraid of layering your hair. In many cases, layers can help to distribute the volume you do have in your hair and will make the hair appear fuller and thicker. This becomes particularly true if you style the hair with curl.
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