How To Style Layers

Hair with a lot of layers
Q: I have a lot of layers in my hair and have a little trouble finding the right technique when styling it with a round brush.
No matter what I try, the layers look too round towards the bottom. But when my hairdresser does it, the layers look straight, yet curved and defined at the same time. What am I doing wrong?

A: Well, for starters, you may not be doing anything “wrong”, but simply have less experience than your hairdresser in working with the round brush to style the hair. You also have to consider that your hairdresser has the advantage of being able to gain much better (and easier) angles of access to your hair for the purpose of styling it.
That being said, if your hair is coming out too curved when styling with the round brush, try using longer downward strokes and less wrist action as you pass the round brush through your hair.
Be sure to angle the airflow from your dryer so that it travels in the direction the hair grows – away from the scalp. Hold the brush steady as you pass it through the hair, and only twist your wrists to turn the brush as it reaches the ends of the hair to turn them under.
For a broader curve over the length of the hair, pull the brush outward and slowly roll the brush as you pass it along the length of the hair. As the hair dries, the shape of the hair will create a curving sweep. Once dried and styled the way you want, you can use a small amount of smoothing serum spread between the fingers to define and smooth the layers without disrupting the curves.
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