How to Tie a Scarf (3)

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Scarves with Pins:
As we've seen, scarves can be knotted and worn in many different ways. But what about those times when you just want to have a scarf to add a splash of color or a little flair to an outfit? One of the great things about scarves are their versatility, and the way they can be combined with other accessories to change the look and feel of an outfit. Below are a few ideas for doing this:
How to wear a scarf over the shoulder
How to tie a scarf into a shawl style
How to tie a scarf for a cowl style
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Scarves can add a tremendous amount of variety to an otherwise simple wardrobe. The sheer number of styles, fabrics, colors and patterns available with scarves make them an excellent accessory to add to your wardrobe.
You can find scarves that are suited to virtually any style of dress. From scarves made with thick rough-spun wool and silk yarns, to fine, satiny silks and rayon fabrics you can make any look that much more special by adding the right kind of scarf.
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