How To Fold a Cowl Style Scarf

How to fold a cowl style scarf
Scarf Style Needed: Rectangular (oblong) Scarf (120 cm long)
Tying the Scarf:
Fold your rectangular scarf twice to form an "S" fold and lay the folded scarf over one shoulder so that one end of the scarf hangs down the back for about 1 foot. Fasten the scarf in place using the jewelry pin of your choosing. The pin should be placed between the breast and shoulder, but closer to the shoulder.
Drape the remaining length of the scarf loosely around the front of the chest and over the opposite shoulder.
More ways to tie a scarf:
Ascot wrap scarf bandana wrap scarf cowl style scarf head or crown scarf halter blouse scarf Kelly scarf long tie scarf neck wrap scarf over the shoulder scarf scarf as a sarong or skirt scarf as a traditional belt shawl style scarf scarf as a side knotted belt two shoulder wrap scarf