How To Wrap a Halter-Style Blouse

How to wrap a scarf as a halter style blouse
You can wear a scarf as a halter - style blouse. This is an inventive use for a scarf that is both bold and flattering. Worn this way, the scarf adds an elegant touch to a pant suit, or skirt suit, and can allow you to take your suit from a day at the office to a nice dinner date, with a moment's adjustment.
Scarf Style Needed: Square Scarf (at least 120 cm square)
Tying the Scarf:
Take the square scarf and tie a small knot in the center of the scarf. If the scarf has an apparent front and back, make sure the knot is tied on the back side of the scarf. Next, fold the scarf diagonally so that the knot is on the inside of the fold.
Wrap the folded edge of the scarf around your waist, letting the unfolded points hang down. Tie the folded corners at your back. Raise the loose corners of the scarf up along the torso and pass one around each side of the neck. Knot these corners at the back of the neck. Adjust the positioning of the scarf so that the knot is unseen.
The resulting halter/blouse has a shirred look with gathering at the waist, which flatters slim figures, and helps to balance the proportions of pear-shaped figures.
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