How To for a Side-Knotted Belt Scarf

How to tie a scarf for a side-knotted belt
Sometimes you need something to dress-up that simple little dress you're wearing, but you don't want (or don't have) a regular belt that would be appropriate. This is the perfect time to put a scarf to use.
Scarf Style Needed: Rectangular (oblong) Scarf (80 cm long)
Tying the Scarf:
Fold the rectangular scarf twice lengthwise to form an "S" fold. Wrap the folded scarf around your hips and tie the scarf at the side with either a knot or a small bow. Adjust the unknotted side of the scarf to expand it slightly.
The result is a soft looking belted effect that makes even the simplest dress just a touch more festive.
More ways to tie a scarf:
Ascot wrap scarf bandana wrap scarf cowl style scarf head or crown scarf halter blouse scarf Kelly scarf long tie scarf neck wrap scarf over the shoulder scarf scarf as a sarong or skirt scarf as a traditional belt shawl style scarf scarf as a side knotted belt two shoulder wrap scarf