How To tie a Skirt Wrap

How to wrap a sarong skirt
You can wear your scarf as a sarong type skirt. Worn this way, it makes an elegant cover-up at the poolside or the beach. The light-weight fabric of most scarves makes it cool and comfortable, and the draping effect is very flattering to women who are uncomfortable showing their thighs and hips in a bathing suit.
Scarf Style Needed: Square Scarf (at least 120 cm square)
Tying the Scarf:
Fold the square scarf diagonally to form a large triangle. Additionally, following the pattern of the scarf (if any) turn down the folded edge to create the appearance of a "belt". If the scarf design includes a border, it may be possible to position one of the layers of the fold to incorporate this border into the faux "belt".
Wrap the folded scarf around the waist and knot it twice to secure it. Fold the ends from the knot in and under the knot so that they lay flat under the edges of the scarf and cover any space found there. This usually looks most flattering with the knot at the side, but you may slide the scarf to position the knot wherever you please.
More ways to tie a scarf:
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