How To for a Long Tie Scarf

How to wrap a scarf as a long tie
You can create a soft-looking effect with your scarf reminiscent of a man's necktie. It makes for a beautiful accent to a simple suit, dress or blouse / slacks combination. The technique is simple, but highly effective.
Scarf Style Needed: Rectangular (Oblong) Scarf (at least 80 cm long)
Tying the Scarf:
Take an oblong scarf and fold it twice lengthwise to create an "S" fold. Drape the folded scarf around your neck and allow the ends to hang down your front. Pull one end of the scarf down so that it is slightly longer than the other. Wrap the longer end around the shorter one and tie a loose knot.
Pull the unknotted end of the scarf to adjust the length as desired. The finished look is soft, yet professional. It is suited for wear in virtually any setting.
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