How To Create an Ascot Wrap

How to tie a scarf for an Ascot wrap
This is a traditional scarf tying style, providing a conservative, yet sophisticated look. The style is excellent for summery skirt / pant suits where the addition of a blouse would be too warm for the climate.
Scarf Style Needed: Square Scarf (120 cm square)
Tying the Scarf:
Fold the square scarf diagonally from corner to corner. Drape the folded scarf around the neck, passing the folded corners back over the shoulders. Cross the folded corners behind the neck and bring them forward over the shoulders once more.
Draw the scarf to a snug fit around the neck and tie the folded corners together to form a simple knot or bow (your choice).
This scarf-tying style creates a very soft, feminine-looking accent to a suit, and is equally purposed for concealing décolletage in low-cut, jacketed dresses, and blouses.
More ways to tie a scarf:
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