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How to Give Yourself a Makeover on a Budget
Do you watch all those makeover shows on TV and secretly wish it was you? I sure do. I feel guilty about shopping for stuff even if I really need it. So there’s no way I’d spend a fortune revamping my wardrobe and myself. So my girl friends and I came up with a few ideas for a budget makeover.
Invest In Essentials
First things first…you don’t need to buy yourself a new wardrobe every few months to keep up with the times. Fashion is fickle and as much as we’d love to listen to Cosmo and buy all those fabulous new goodies, we can’t always afford it. So, instead invest in a few time tried and tested wardrobe must-haves that will get you through any fashion season.
In my opinion, some of the stuff you should have in your wardrobe are:
• A black dress
• Well fitted jeans
• A white tee
• A black tee
• Good underwear
• Comfortable shoes
• A set of formal clothes
Use Your Imagination
Next time you look at your wardrobe and say “I don’t have a thing to wear”, take a second look and look hard. Surely your wardrobe isn’t all bad and with a little creativity you can spice it up. Instead of always pairing the same tops and bottoms, mix and match a bit. It’s not a uniform you know so you don’t always have to wear that black skirt with the orange top. How about wearing that blue shirt with the skirt to work today instead? Also, layering is a fantastic idea. Wear the white singlet and the red tank together for fresh look instead of the same old look.
Also, for the more creatively-inclined, go beyond the normal mix and match and create new looks with your clothes. Brighten up a pair of jeans with some embroidery. Use sequins, beads, buttons etc to change the look of your outfits.
Put Accessories To Work
Accessories are cheaper to buy and usually stay in style longer than most clothes so use them to their maximum potential. Belts are cool with everything, dresses, shirts, tanks, jeans so change your look with different belts. And of course, there’s always jewelry to add some jazz to your looks.
Other useful accessories are hats, scarves, bags and shoes. A plain Jane outfit can magically transform with a beautiful bag and shoes so keep experimenting!
Basic Make Up
Your clothes might be fantastic but are you using the right makeup. You don’t need to pile on the makeup every time you head out somewhere but a touch of gloss and a dab of blush never hurt anyone. Accentuate your eyes with some mascara and liner and you’re ready to go. Use make up well and you will enhance your look automatically!
Self Help Is The Best Help
What I mean is, a makeover isn’t just about a fancy wardrobe. You could get yourself a new hairstyle that will give you a whole new look for the new season. Also, start taking care of your skin, may be even spoil yourself a little. Get enough sleep, exercise a little and take care of yourself. Invest in yourself rather than fashion, and it’s definitely a fabulous makeover.
Positive Thinking
Not trying to get too philosophical but sometimes you may be in need of something more than just a physical makeover. May be what you need is a mental makeover of your attitude and thinking as well. Take a good objective look at yourself and see if there’s anything that needs serious fixing. If you think you’re too negative about life, may be concentrate on positive thinking. Or maybe you’ve just been waiting for life “to start” and just realized you’ve wasted too much time doing that. Whatever it is, make an attempt to give your inner self a makeover too.
I hope you find these tips useful because so many of us need budget options. Whether you’re a high school student who doesn’t have much to spend, or a stay-at-home mom with no personal income, I think these makeover tips might help you change your look without worrying about investing in a brand new wardrobe.
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