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WOman and the influence of colors
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So, given what the information we have on the effects of colors, and the need to choose colors that are going to be flattering to our color type, let's look at some attitudes we want to project and color ideas for achieving them based on type:
"I want to appear bold and confident": For the gold type, try cardinal red. For silvers, try rose.
"I want to appear calm and self-possessed": For the gold type, try olive green. For silvers, try hunter green.
"I want to appear vibrant and energetic": For the gold type, try orange. For silvers, try pale yellow.
"I want to appear professional and businesslike": For the gold type, try royal blue. For silvers, try navy blue.
"I want to appear intuitive and nurturing": For the gold type, try muted violet. For silvers, try lavender.
"I want to appear young and innocent": For the gold type, try pink. For silvers, try lilac.
"I want to appear comfortable and natural": For the gold type, try chocolate brown. For silvers, try tan or faun.
Hopefully, you can see the point I'm trying to illustrate here. If not, when you begin working with the colors in your own wardrobe you'll see more clearly the differences in the shades of certain colors and their appropriateness or inappropriateness for your color type. One thing you can see clearly is that the color choices for the gold type and silver type can be paired up and will look good together.
So, the next time you want to put together an outfit to impress, be sure to take the time and think about what image you want to present, and choose accordingly. The right colors, in the right shades for you, can give you that little "extra something" that can make everything come out right.
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