An Easy At-Home Facial

Facial skin care
One of the greatest pleasures to be found in going to a spa is getting a facial. But many women find it hard to arrange the time (and money) for regular spa treatment. There is a way you can enjoy spa pampering at home. All you need is a few simple ingredients from your local grocer, and a few items you probably already have around the house.
At home spa treatment is a great way to share quality time with a loved one or close friends. I have some friends who regularly schedule "girl's nights" and give one another facials and manicures. I also know of couples who like to do the same thing as an intimacy builder. There is nothing that says "you're important to me" than sharing time together giving each other a little much-needed pampering.
The facial is a treat even if you're doing it for yourself. Here's all you need:
• Hand towels (2-3 per person)
• Cold Cream or Make-up remover
• Facial cleanser (whatever brand you prefer)
• Moisturizing cream (again, your choice, but keep it light)
• Astringent or toner (you can use your preferred brand name product, or witch hazel for a mild version)
• Cotton pads (several per person) or face cloths (2 per person)
• Facial Tissue
• Slow cooker or chaffing dish (for heated towels) and tongs
• Small bowls (soup-sized bowls) with warm water
• Nourishing Facial Masque (see recipe below for an all-natural homemade masque)
• Small, Soft, Natural-Bristle Painting Brush (optional)
• Cheesecloth (optional)
The first thing you want to do to prepare is to moisten a hand towel with hot water and place it into your slow cooker (on low heat setting) or chaffing dish to keep it warm. Be sure to have about inch of water in the bottom of the dish, so the towels won't dry out. If you're going to be doing facials on more than yourself, be sure to prepare at least one towel per person.
Next use a hand towel that has been folded diagonally and use it to hold your hair off of your face. Wrap the towel around the back of the head and bring the folded corners up to the front of the face and secure the ends at the forehead using a hair pin or clip. Be sure that any hair is tucked out of the way.
Use your cold cream or make-up remover to take off all face and eye make-up. (Use the facial tissue for this.) Be sure to be thorough in removing all traces of the make-up. Once you've gotten all your make-up off, wipe away any excess cold cream or make-up remover with the facial tissues.
The next step is to open the pores. To do this we take the moistened, heated towels and lay them on the face in a circular pattern. Make sure all parts of the face are covered, but you can feel free to arrange the towel so that you can breathe clearly through the nose if desired. The moist heat serves to open the pores of your skin so that you can remove dirt and oils more easily in the next step. The warmth and moisture are also very relaxing. Allow the towel to stay on the face until it begins to cool.
Once the towel begins to cool, remove it and apply the facial cleanser. Use a cotton pad to add sufficient water to allow you to create lather on the face as you massage the cleanser into the skin. Apply the cleanser and massage it in using the ring and little fingers of your hands. These fingers exert the least amount of pressure and are therefore the most gentle to the face. In addition, always work your way up from the chin to the forehead in circular strokes. Once you've applied the cleanser and massaged it all over the face, use a moistened cotton pad (or face cloth) to rinse away the cleanser.
Our next step is the facial masque. Using the painting brush or your fingers, apply a thin coating of the facial masque preparation, taking care not to get the mixture into the eyes. Once it is applied, allow the masque to sit on the face for 5-10 minutes so that the masque can be absorbed into the skin. Afterwards, remove the masque using facial tissue and rinse the face completely with moistened cotton pads or a moistened face cloth.
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