How To Use Foundation

Applying foundation make-up
Foundation Ė the base of all our makeup. Most of us use foundation on a daily basis. Even when we promise we have ďno makeupĒ on, weíre at least wearing foundation. Using it becomes part of our system and we canít imagine what life was before it.
However, I know some of you are just starting out with makeup. You might be a teen, new to makeup, or you may simply be someone who hasnít used much makeup before. Either way, you need to learn all about the basics of foundation before you move on to other makeup. Itís simple Ė if the foundation isnít laid well, the rest of it will simply fall apart wonít it?
Foundation is no longer some paste-like gunk to use on your face. There are so many different kinds now, for different needs and there are slightly different ways to apply them too.
• Liquid Foundation
As is obvious from the name, this foundation is available in a liquid form. It is perfect if you want to achieve a lightly made up effect.
To apply the liquid foundation is to apply facial cream. Itís as simple as that process! However, if you prefer using a sponge, use a soft one and gradually work into your skin so itís well blended. If youíd like to make it lighter and semi-transparent, a damp sponge will do the job for you.
• Cream Foundation
Cream foundation is foundation which is in thick cream form. Due its texture, the foundation is ideal for a thick layer. If you have dry skin that needs some good moisturizing for longer hours, this is the foundation for you. The oil in cream foundations will keep you glowing.
To apply, simply use your fingers and apply it evenly all over your face, ears, neck etc. Blend it in until itís even. Due to its thick texture, you donít need a sponge for this one.
• Tone Cream-Stick Foundation
This foundation is available in the form of a stock is ideal for skin that is blemished or uneven. It helps adjust the tone of the skin and hence has color pigments and some amounts of oil. If your skin is wrinkled, this isnít a good option as the color pigments might bring out the wrinkles a little more.
To apply, you need to just gradually tap it rather than rub it into the skin. For the best look, complete your base by applying a layer of face powder on top of the foundation. Remember to avoid the eye area.
• Cream To Powder Foundation
The cream to powder goes on as a cream, but instead of a cakey creamy finish, it dries to a smooth powdery finish. Itís the perfect foundation for masking but not suitable for wrinkled skin.
To apply it is simple as most come with a sponge and simply needs to be dabbed and blended into the skin evenly. A damp sponge produces a lighter coating.
• Mousse Foundation
The consistency of the mousse foundation is thicker than the liquid foundation but their effects are the same. The mousse is exactly the same texture as a chocolate mousse dessert!
To apply, use your fingers to gently rub it into the skin. A sponge is not a bad idea either.
• Powder Foundation
Powder foundations are popular these days thanks to the influx of mineral make up. These are powdery like blush or eyeshadow. Some are available in compact form while others are in loose powder form.
To apply the compact, a thin sponge is best while the loose powder is best applied with a brush.
If youíre not sure about the right foundation for you, simply head down to your local beauty store and discuss what you need. Once youíve chosen your foundation type, simply choose a shade that closely matches your skin tone, and youíre ready to go!
Photo: Billion Photos/Shutterstock