Glitter Dos and Don’ts

Eyes with glitter
Remember the good old high school days, when as young teenagers you wore glitter on your eyes, nails and hair almost every day? It was hip, it was cool, and it made you feel like a princess. But now you have grown into a fine young lady and are ‘expected’ to behave like one. So there is no room for some ‘sparkle’ in your make up kit, right?
WRONG! Glitter is a tiny little, versatile and easy to use tool in your make up kit, which if used correctly can give you the sexy X-factor, the additional oomph that would make many a head turn twice to get another look at you. All that you need, apart from the enthusiasm to experiment with your looks, is to stick to some basic guidelines, as it is very easy to go all wrong with glitter if you don’t do it right.
Choosing the Right Shades and Colors
Eye shadow is perhaps the single most important part of your entire glitter eye make up. Make sure that the color and shade suit your skin tone, the color of your eyes, and your dress.
• In general warm complexion would look great with rich and deep colored shadows like shades of orange, rust or cinnamon.
• Similarly, different shades of pink, purple or blue complement the cooler complexion.
• As an example, those of you with toffee complexion could try shimmery and shining gunmetal eye shadow, a potentially lethal combo.
Glitter Eye Gel
Once you have the right eye shadow color, its time to go for a glitter eye gel for your eye lids. It adds a nice smooth satin edge to the overall look of your eyes.
For those Luscious Lips…
Lips are the centre piece of your face, so let’s not try to go overboard with the experimentation here.. Go for a lip gloss of an appropriate shade, and then you could try adding some restrained, shiny sparkles to it. Use your discretion, and keep in mind the occasion or the event you’re dressing for. Lipstick with a coat of some shiny gloss can always be a great way to add some glitter to those lips.
Its Time To ‘Nail’ It
A shiny, glittery, sparkling nail polish never goes out of style! Match the color of the nail polish with that of eye shadow for a truly fashionable look and ‘they’ will notice the difference.
Experiment With Sparkling Accessories!
Want to try some glittery accessories? Why not? A sparkly silver colored headband would pair wonderfully well with a simple white dress. If you’re one of the more adventurous ones, you could try a glittering bindi (straight from the east, worn between the eye brows and made popular by Gwen Stefani) for that exotic look.
Glittering Tattoos
Be really careful here unless you are a 13 year old (or Mariah Carey)! A loud glittery tattoo has the potential to take the focus away from entire outfit and even wreck your look. On the other hand a chic, slightly understated and strategically placed sparkling tattoo would be great if you want to highlight your teasing, playful spirit.
Occasion Defines The Look
Finally, the kind of look that you are pining for would ultimately boil down to the occasion. All of the above tools depend on the occasion. If you are looking for a prim and proper classy lady look; then go for a toned down, subtle style of glitter. The idea here is to accentuate not dominate.
On the other hand, a young and peppy or a rock star kind of look would demand a bit more creativity and a daring spirit wouldn’t hurt either. For these looks, you can go for bold colors and designs.
Remember, you’re not going for a fancy dress competition (unless you really are!). Avoid overusing loud colors and designs. The purpose is not to turn into a walking, talking shiny disco ball, but to glow graciously in the vivacity of the glitter.
Glitter is a great way to unleash that inner child of yours out in the open, it lets you ‘play’ with your look and turns heads. Lets all go glitter!
Photo: Livchak Vera/Shutterstock