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Make-up colors
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Lip glosses are generally clear or lightly tinted liquid coating that are designed to give the lips a degree of shine, making them appear moist and dewy, or even wet. In some cases, tinted lip glosses can be used alone.
{Note: The act of using artificial lip color has the same physiological origin as using eye shadows. The same arousal state that creates the shaded effect in the soft tissue of the eyes also results in a darkening of the lips. The use of lip color is designed to replicate this effect.}
For daytime looks, lip color should be softer and more subtle. This is also a good time for using low-shine lip glosses with a satin finish as opposed to the wetter looks. Soft pinks and pastel colors are perfect for daytime wear and offer a more natural, dewy look.
For evening wear, darker shades with high gloss finished are in order. These colors offer a more dramatic effect and balance the evening looks of other nighttime make-up techniques. Lip colors for evening use can have shimmering and glossy finishes.
Lip Colors should be replaced at least every six months.
(Trivia Fact: Before the advent of lip color products, women often used the juice of dark berries to stain their lips and give them deep rich colors.)
Mascara is usually found in a thick liquid form that is applied using a specially designed brush applicator. Its purpose is to thicken and define the lashes of the eyes, making them appear larger and more open. Mascara should usually be the last step in make-up application. The reason for this is simple. When mascara is applied before other make-up products, particularly eye shadow, the likelihood is high that the make-up will fall onto the mascara and will ruin the effect of the mascara.
For daytime wear, mascara colors should be restricted to medium and dark browns, depending on the color of the hair and eyebrows. This creates a softer, more natural look suitable for daytime settings.
For evening wear, your mascara can be darker - soft or jet black - to balance the darker, richer colors of evening make-up. The darker colors give a more dramatic effect. There are even colored mascaras that are perfect for festive occasions and can be used to create bold looks and highlight the color of the eyes.
Mascara should be carefully applied and should be replaced often (at least every three-to-six months) because bacteria from the eyes can contaminate it and lead to eye infections. You should never share your mascara with another person or use another person's mascara.
The tips offered above are basic techniques to help you create flattering looks for both daytimes and evening wear. However, these are only basic tips. You should occasionally look to fashion and beauty magazines or other sources for looks that you like and add them to your repertoire. The styles and techniques for make-up application are constantly changing, and by keeping yourself abreast of current styles and trends you can be assured of looking fashionable.
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