Accentuate the Color of Your Eyes

Eyes accentuated with a blue shade
Q: How can I accentuate the color of my eyes?
A: Since the purpose of applying makeup is to enhance your natural beauty, it’s natural to want to accentuate the color of your eyes through the use of cosmetics. The easiest way to do this is by using various complementary shades of eye shadow to make the color of the eyes stand out.
These colors are different for different colors of eyes and you may need to play with the shades available in your makeup palette to get the color you like best. Here are some general tips:
For brown eyes, try using light green and light blue shades in a frosted tone for daytime and in a jewel tone for evenings. The pale greens and blues bring out the warm tones of brown eyes and make them appear richer and deeper, while the darker jewel tones will make the eyes look smoky and sultry.
For green eyes, use pink tones and reddish-berry shades for daytime wear and shimmering bronze and ruby shades for evening. The contrast of the reddish shades against the green of the eyes will make the color of your eyes sparkle.
For blue eyes, try peach and orange shades for daytime wear and copper tones and burnt orange shades for evening shimmer. These complementary shades will make the blue of your eyes radiant.
Just remember that since everyone’s eye color is different, you’ll want to shop where you can try out a few different shades of colors in the same families for a perfect match for you.
Photo: Victoria Chudinova/Shutterstock
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