Black Nail Polish

Black nail polish
Q: Is black nail polish fashionable or should I avoid it?
A: There are perhaps some situations where black nail polish is appropriate, such as for costume purposes at Halloween or fancy-dress affairs (masquerades, not black-tie formals), but as a rule, black nail polish isnít a good color to choose alone.
The prevalence of black nail polish and its availability stems generally from its popularity among members of different counter-culture groups and generally rebellious youth. Members of punk movements and Goth groups consider such nail lacquers as a staple of dress. However, few other people consider black polish to be a fashionable look.
There is one case where black polish might be used by more mainstream individuals as part of their daily look Ė as a base coat for another translucent nail polish to create a deep, richly-colored effect. Using black as a base can create a background which causes the color applied over it to stand out more vibrantly.
Do note that particularly with black nail polish, quality is important. There have been many reports of cheaper black nail enamels leaving the nails stained or dingy-looking after application.
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