Bold Red Lips & Make-Up

Woman with beautiful red lips
Q: I was wondering: when wearing bold red lips, what is the best thing to do with the rest of your make-up? Keep eyes plain or smoky? How would I achieve this look? Thank you for your help!
A: Make-up application and style of wear depends largely on the situation. You wear a different style of make-up for daytimes as opposed to evening wear situations.
For day wear, you want to use lighter application of make-up and use more neutral shades or softer colors. For evenings, you can go with a more dramatic approach and use rich colors and smoky shades.
For detailed information on application and choosing the right make-up style, review our article on make-up application here at Greatest Look.
I applaud you for wanting to make sure that you choose the right combination of looks for wear with bold, red lip color. However, do remember that not every situation is appropriate for the same shade of lip color. Sometimes, you want a fresh-faced look, and at other times you want to make a dramatic statement with your look.
Photo: Oleg Gekman/Shutterstock
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